One Day Workshop - Beginners Learn To Sing

Breathing & Support – learn to sing longer phrases & manage your breathing using abdominal muscles and airflow correctly

Placing & Projection – develop a richer, stronger quality of tone, maximising natural resonance and reach “the back of the room”

Range Development – sing top/bottom notes comfortably. Maintain and expand your vocal range and explore new possibilities 

Vocal Problems – address voice-loss, hoarseness, nodules, fatigue and learn to manage & prevent voice problems from developing.

Harmonising – how to blend effectively with other voices 

You DO NOT have to sing in front of others if you don’t want to.

When & Where?

Sunday 2020 TBA - 10am to 2pm

Venue: the Mudgeeraba Music Center  

Cost:  $ 75 (+.50 cents via paypal)

LIMITED NUMBERS  (If paying cash at Door can't guarentee a spot)

BYO Lunch

Tea/Coffee supplied   

Intermediate Class for those who've graduated Beginners 1 session. 2020 TBA  Sunday $75.50 - 

Stress Management

Personal Development In a Group​  - Mixed Gender

3 hours total  -  - Join our public session or arrange a group at your

venue. This is not singing related, however, all can benefit from

learning how to reduce stress, anxiety and panic.

A gentle, safe and easy workshop show you how to :

  • Develop personal awareness of stress 

  • What makes you have anxiety and panic?

  • Recognize signs and sources of stress

  •  What are the signs?

  • Acknowledge stress and difficult situations

  •  What to do

  • Manage a panic attack

  •  How to cope

  • Maintain work /life / family balance

  •  Strategies to bring balance

  • Give high priority to health and well-being

  • Why you don't?

  • Develop stress management techniques

  • Effective tools, tips and tricks


Next public group seminar -  2Oth October 2019 

$35 (50c paypal)     LIMITED NUMBERS   


If you suffer stress and anxiety coming to a class might be difficult. REST ASSURE our facilitator is mindful of the fact you may be nervous to attend and has designed the workshop to be

comfortable, easy and very user friendly. 

if you prefer we do One to One sessions Click Here

3 hour Workshop/Seminar $45.50 

Sunday March 22nd 10am to 1pm

Venue: the Mudgeeraba Music Center  

Cost:  $ 45 (+.50 cents via paypal)


When & Where?

One Day Workshop - Intermediate Level

 If you have completed our Beginners Lesson this year this is for you

Performance - Learn to sing in front of others  
Microphone technique - Develop your use of a microphone
Repertoire - Choosing a song - why some songs are easier than others
Vocal Improvement - A bespoke lesson within a lesson.

Strictly limited to 10 ladies per class  (Must be ok with getting up in front of class)

When & Where?

Sunday TBA 2020 -   10am to 2pm

Venue: the Mudgeeraba Music Center  

Cost:  $ 75.50 

LIMITED NUMBERS - Must register and Pay to secure your spot

BYO Lunch

Tea/Coffee supplied   

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