Andrea Szabo - Facilitator

Andrea Szabo is a dynamic and fun workshop facilitator, online educator, performer and Choir Director.

​She has brought much laughter and joy to 1000’s over the last 2 decades as a performer,

workshop facilitator, Choir leader, singing teacher, life coach and youth mentor. 

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For the last 14 years, Sing Sisters has been a wonderful avenue for facilitating. health and happiness through music and singing.

​She is an advanced qualified singing teacher with her university degree in Performance Arts and, as a public speaker, has presented at numerous seminars, symposiums, festivals and conferences.  ​

She has written, produced and directed plays, & for over 25 years has worked on stage as actress, MC, comedian and singer.

Her latest Show 'Crackers to Crumpet' has its debut late October 2021

​More about her past singing career: -

Andrea’s professional singing career took flight after completing a Performing Arts degree at the University of Western Sydney.

With her one-woman show, inspired by the great Mae West, she also gained acclaim as a traveling performer.

On the road throughout the late 1990s, Andrea’s songbook repertoire took her to 5 Star venues all over Australia.

While discovering a love for jazz and singing in the style of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and

Dinah Washington –  Andrea was developing her three-octave range. 

Always an entertainer pushing creative boundaries and expanding her craft, Andrea spent the past decade performing variously as a cabaret artist and event host. Her stand-up comedy gives us her alter-ego, psychic, Ms Zandria Seesalot.

She has worked as a music and drama therapist for people with disabilities, hosted a community radio show and toured a theatre troupe to high schools throughout NSW. 

Andrea tapped her European roots to form the band 'Goulash', which has since disbanded after a successful season.

These days her band/Trio 'Sweet Sugar' accompany her on the ever evolving musical ride.

She runs workshops: “If you can talk you can sing”, ” Coaching the Creative” , “Intentional Living Strategies”


1. Any singing is good singing.

2.We focus on the process rather than the product.

3. Laughter and Joy must be at the for front.

4. You are here to be seen and heard. 

5. Shyness is natural and CAN be comfortable (safety in numbers rule)

6. ​Stay in the moment  - not only when singing

7. ​Come from a relaxed place - not only when singing


She is a published song writer playing piano and guitar  -

Her hobbies include TAROT READING  at

Her practice of hypnotherapy was over the last 10 years. She has since

closed the clinic at Currumbin and is putting all her energy into her show and the choir

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