Please note we are singing Comm GAMES week  First Tuesday in APRIL   –   3rd

What is Sing Sisters all about?

This womens singing group has been providing fun to women of the Gold Coast for over 12 years. The Sing Sisters gathering is NOT for professionals.

It is designed for women who just want to sing for fun.  *Have Fun *Meet New Friends *SING SING SING * Laugh * Feel Good *Improve Your Breathing * Make a Noise *Gain confidence * Stretch * Develop and grow through music.

Do I need to Audition/Sing Solo?

No auditions, no need to be a singer or even know how to sing. You will never need to sing solo or sing in public  if you don’t want to.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No!  Andrea teaches by ear, so you don’t need to read music, but if you prefer to have music, Andrea can sometimes make it available.

Do I need to Commit? …. No or Yes – You Choose!

No – Sing Sisters Members can come and go to any monthly Tuesday session.  When you CAN  make it,  just turn up on any month and start having fun through the voice. Come once or come every month.. pay as you go. This is a NON performance, casual stress buster group.

No commitment rego form 

Choir Gold Coast Just for fun and casual

Yes – If you do want to be a committed member we have a breakaway group that practices, rehearses and performs each Wednesday they are called :THE ROUND TABLE SINGERS      No commitment rego form 

Round Table Singers

Do I have to Perform?

Sing Sisters is a NON public performance group. We sing to guitar, piano and backing tracks.  It is the  Round Table Singers that Perform.

When and Where do you meet?

We have two types of groups

Sing for Fun : (No Commitment – Just turn up $15)  First Tuesday Night of the Month NOTE :  . Next Session APRIL 3rd , 2018  – YES Games WEEK we still sing
at Mudgeeraba Music Center..  Fill in no obligation  FORM    

Round Table Singers :  (Commitment ) Every Wednesday night Next intake May :   Read More  about our FLASHMOB project

Who is leading us?

Andrea Szabo runs the night :   Read more

What is Sing Sisters Mission?

The vision is: ‘To bring together all ladies who enjoy singing, whatever their abilities. To make a variety of music for simple enjoyment. The main monthly group thing is to have fun. The singing sessions will be stress busters – NOT stressful.

The breakaway ‘Round Table Singers’ perform at a variety of occasions, both formal and informal, for the benefit of audiences in our community.

Loads of fun times  :  See Photos 

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