Weekly Singing - RTS

A breakaway faction of the Sing Sisters group.

The Round Table Singers are a breakaway faction of the Sing Sisters group. They are committed to weekly sessions of organised singing, rehearsals and performance through the year and at Christmas . The Round Table Singers  sometimes double as a Flash Mob  also known as the  ‘Sing Sisters Saints‘ visiting nursing homes.


This is a great fun way to we share with our community. Still a community group, this faction is more of a choir. The sessions have a format and structure, UNLIKE our monthly just for fun group (which is stand and sing songs for an hour just for the sake of it)

Saturdays at 4pm

Fee - $165      (Term 1  is for 09 weeks Feb 1st to March 28th)

Inclusions - Coaching, Training, Audio, Logistics, Sheet Music, Organising, Rehearsals and Performance



The Round Table Singers are committed to rehearsing in there own time, the occasional performance and enjoy dressing up… Always fun even when its serious.


This is a great fun way to we share with our community. 


This year we are waring

ALL WHITE and a special pink $10 scarf.


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Term 1 is for 9 weeks -   Feb 1st to March 28th

We will be starting rehearsals - Term 1 2020 on Feb 1st

4pm Saturdays for 9 weeks.

In this time we shall learn songs to perform locally (TBA)

Must be able to attend all or most sessions. Make up classes may be offered if needed.


FREE GIFT  Are you eligible?

  1. Must have paid for Term  1  in full before  Dec 21ST

  2. No refund of fee offered if gift is accepted

  3. One bag per new member of the choir.

  4. Not redeemable for cash   Claim Gift

Payment Options (No free gift)
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