Singing is Good for your health

  • Singing can reduce pain

  • Singing decreases anxiety

  • Singing makes measurable changes in the brain

  • Singing gives a deeper sense of well-being and overall happiness.

  • Singing strengthens the immune system.

  • Singing is a workout. 

  • Singing improves your posture.

  • Singing helps with sleep. 

  • Singing is a natural anti-depressant.

  • Singing lowers stress levels.

  • Singing improves mental alertness.

  • Singing can widen your circle of friends.

  • Singing in a group supports efforts to connect

Choir Leader, Teacher and Online Facilitator

Andrea has brought much laughter and joy to 1000’s of people over the last 2 decades as a workshop facilitator,  choir leader, singing teacher, life coach and youth mentor.

For the last 14 years Sing Sisters has been a wonderful avenue for facilitating health and happiness through music and singing. She is an advanced qualified singing teacher with her university  degree in Performance Arts and as a public speaker, has presented at numerous seminars, symposiums, festivals and conferences.