Vocal Health info

Fatigue After Singing

“Well of course I’m going to be tired after singing when rehearsal lasts for an hour!” 

Don’t worry my lovelies we only will do spurts when beginning the ABBA project. Going gently.

Everyone needs a different level of rest. If it is sore STOP.

It is recommended to rest for 10 every 30 minutes of vocal use.

The first three weeks will be slow, but you will be expected to practice daily after week 4/5.  This project is quite exciting and will take a little effort to get it off the ground.

Pain or Discomfort

Beyond general fatigue after singing, if you feel like you have to exert yourself to produce your voice, that is not normal. Our vocal folds don’t actually have any nerve endings, which makes it harder to pinpoint what exactly we’re feeling. That said, the other muscles and tissue in your throat do have nerve endings. If your voice is injured or mistreated, other parts of your neck and throat will carry the burden until the true problem is resolved.

If you feel a lump in your throat, constantly need to clear your throat, or experience a tight, strained feeling around the throat (either inside or out) that’s not the best sign. Pain is designed to tell you something, so don’t push through it and ignore your body. Listen to it!   See me after a couple of weeks if this is persisting to check.  

At the end of the day, all of these warning signs are just that: warnings. They don’t reveal exactly what’s wrong with your voice, or how to fix it. But to ignore them is to risk your entire instrument.  Expect though, a little bit of discomfort at the beginning as we are not ‘GIG FIT’ yet

 Questions to Ask Yourself 

Am I singing the correct voice part? Have I spoken to my andrea about switching?

Many singers naturally have a ‘sweet spot’ where it feels easy to sing. If you feel (after being allocated a part it is not comfortable or you can’t really get high notes or low notes see me


Do I have bad heartburn? Do I eat within an hour of going to bed?

Acid reflux is bad for your vocal folds, and it’s not always something singers associate with vocal health. If you think you might be suffering from this, try avoiding food before bed and lay off the ghost pepper hot sauce.

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