Singing is good for your health

Where do you want to do it?

In the Shower, at a KARAOKE night, Happy Birthday at a party, in the Car, Lullabies to the kids, a choir, singing group, anywhere you choose to do it, it will make you feel good…… It’s good for the body and the soul.


The Body is happy

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, found that choristers’ heartbeats synchronise when they sing together, bringing about a calming effect that is as beneficial to our health as yoga.

“Song is a form of regular, controlled breathing, since breathing out occurs on the song phrases and inhaling takes place between these,” says Dr Björn Vickhoff, who led the study. “It gives you pretty much the same effect as yoga breathing. It helps you relax, and there are indications that it does provide a heart benefit.”

The Gothenburg researchers proved that with singing we can train our lungs to breathe better; similarly, a study at Cardiff University in 2012 found that lung cancer patients who sang in a choir had a greater expiratory capacity than those who didn’t. Singing has also been shown to boost our immune system, reduce stress levels and, according to a report published in the Journal of Music Therapy in 2004, help patients cope with chronic pain. A joint study by Harvard and Yale Universities in 2008 went one step further, claiming that choral singing in a Connecticut town had increased residents’ life expectancy.

Singing releases endorphins, which make you feel instantly happier. When you sing you also release oxytocin, which is a natural stress reliever and is found to alleviate feelings of depression and loneliness.

Use your voice more

And, in the words of Ella Fitzgerald, “the only thing better than singing – is more singing”.


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Find yourself through music


Join a group

Sing Sisters are a singing group that has been going for a decade on the Gold Coast in Australia that is JUST FOR FUN.

It is designed for women who just want to sing for fun.
Gain confidence, Stretch, develop and grow through music.

No auditions, no need to be a singer or even know how to sing.

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