Round Table Singers

The Round Table Singers are a breakaway faction of the Sing Sisters group.

They are committed to weekly sessions of organised singing, rehearsals and performance.

Still as a community group, this faction is more of a choir. The sessions have a format and structure, unlike our monthly just for fun group which is stand and sing songs for the sake of it.

The Round Table Singers are committed to  the occasional performance and enjoy dressing up… Always fun even when its serious. 🙂

January 17th is the ROUND TABLE SINGERS  sign up day. If you are wanting to join our Breakaway serious group this year it best to attend this registration day before we resume in February weekly. 2 other intake dates.

January 17th 2018 
May 2nd 
August 1st 

COST :-$15 per session plus a (one off) $15 registration on your sign up day

CLICK HERE    :     How it works

If you are a professional or in another choir there is no need to apply. 

If you have always wanted to join a choir now’s the time

Some of the Round Table Singers
Sing Sisters breakaway group

Supporting our community Choir
Glenn Tozer, Helen (Division 14) and facilitator Andrea Szabo  with some of the Round Table Singers Community Choir

What we were up too in 2017……..  You’re The Voice is presented by Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane City  Council, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and Aurizon.  It was a mass choir of 2500 singers behind John Farnham, Kate Ceberano, Katie Noonan and Isaiah. All to raise awareness and turn the tide on domestic violence.  Newspaper report

Past Events

Social Outing/ Xmas 2017  Click Here

Pines Shopping Center

Cavil Ave
Kingscliff Carols an exciting time
Kingscliff Carols
Harrigans Jacobs Well