Flash Mob

Feb-April (10 Weeks for Round 1 and 2) Leads to a Flash Mob exhibition here on the Gold Coast April 28th

(Round 1) Feb 7th to 14th March ( 6 weeks)  = $90
(Round 2) March 21st to April 25th  (4 weeks plus performance) = $75
NB: No sessions during games (first 2 weeks of April)


A flash mob is where we appear from out of a crowd and sing a song with actions. Possibly on the light rail, in a shopping centre food court or at the cinema.. Venue TBC. It will be in the Gold Coast and happen APRIL 28th.
No experience or talent required just a willingness to practice each week…. Lead by experienced choir leader.

Seemingly Spontaneous Singing in a group amongst a crowd   More details

Prices and Structure RTS

Here  are some examples of advanced group  – Please note we will be a simple group but it gives you an idea of the vibe of the thing..  If you are already in a group or a professional you need not apply

Dancers Only at Bondi..My Fav 

Singers in Scotland

DANCERS ONLY at an airport

MUSICIANS then singers  in street  in spain

Sing Sisters –   February 2018 Flash Mob participants to date.